Working at Aeon Scientific

At Aeon Scientific we foster an energetic environment where creative thinking and new ideas can emerge. Everyone in the team has the opportunity to take on responsibility, and open and straightforward communication is encouraged. 

Our mission is to provide tools to physicians that support them in making medical procedures more effective, safer and less invasive, thereby reducing costs of healthcare. We believe that the best way to accomplish this mission is to recruit, work and interact according to a shared set of values that define our attitude, our communication style and our guiding principle.


Entrepreneurship is our primary value. It stands for how we evolved and how we intend to proceed. It stands for the way we define our objectives and for the way each one of us conducts their daily work. We understand entrepreneurship as the willingness to take on responsibility, to take initiative, to focus on results and to pursue them relentlessly. Moreover, we understand it as a positive forward-thinking attitude that focuses on improvement and progress.


Effective collaboration among colleagues, with our various partners and with the end users of our products are essential to our company’s success. We foster these relationships with candour and cultivate a working environment where information is shared and open discussions are expected. We not only achieve, but also celebrate our success as a team.


We don’t just innovate. We want our innovations to be truly meaningful. It’s outside of the box where we find great solutions to meet the high expectations of our customers. We expand our horizons by encouraging independent thinking and imagination among our employees and partners. However, even the most original idea only has the power to make a difference when we translate it into realistic and tangible objectives and actions.

Career openings

We currently do not have an open positions available.

However, we are happy to receive open applications from exceptional candidates, in particular with experience in all areas of the medical device field.